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Piper Williams, Sales Professional, Atlanta, GeorgiaIyabo has made a difference in my life. She not only meets you right where you are but draws you to the uncomfortable, yet necessary untapped spaces for personal growth. Her coaching gifts are spiritually guided and delivered with honesty and love. I am eternally grateful as my life is changed for the better.

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No one achieves success alone. Excellence requires the collaboration of a team. On my team, I have a hand full of strong mentors: a counselor that helps me organize my inner life, and a few peers committed to my growth. But every team needs a coach to see the bigger picture and develop strategies for the obstacles ahead. My coach’s name is Iyabo! Like a hall of fame coach who diagrams play with x’s and o’s, Iyabo helps me to chart out strategies for managing time, relationships and self-care. With unique playbook, success, sanity and stability are in closer reach.

Gregory C. Ellison II,

Associate Professor of Care and Counseling, Candler School of Theology at Emory University and FearlessDialogues

It is an honor to tell you about the work of Iyabo Onipede, as I count myself among her greatest fans. Iyabo came into my life at a time when I was seeking something greater both personally and professionally. Our work together was truly life-altering. Because of the work we did together, my wild and crazy dream of opening a school where the joys of childhood would be honored became reality. Together. That’s the word that made all the difference. When I met Iyabo, she wholeheartedly joined me on my journey. She was an encourager at times; at others she asked tough questions. She gave the gift of truly listening to my hopes and fears. She challenged me to dig deep to uncover why things weren’t flowing in the direction I so desperately wanted, and she nurtured me when it felt like I couldn’t go on. As I walked fully into my crazy dreams, she held my hand, sometimes whispering words of encouragement, sometimes shouting. Because she never gave up on me, I learned to trust myself. From there, life flowed and dreams became reality. We all have a unique gift to offer to the world. If you are desperately wanting to fulfill your life purpose, but you are struggling, resisting, or can’t seem to make a way, there is a reason. Iyabo is a master at uncovering those reasons, then walking right through the darkness with you to the other side. It is said that you cannot lead someone to healing if you haven’t been there yourself. Iyabo has been to the darkest of places, and she knows how to chart a course from there to greatness. In my time with Iyabo, I found clarity, a deep sense of personal empowerment, and the ability to draw my own unique map to success. My dreams became reality. All it took was hard work, willingness to keep showing up even when it scared me, and a daring guide named Iyabo. Thank you, my dear and precious friend. 

Lindsey BerryHill,

School Principal, Norman, Oklahoma



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