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Please pay attention when synchronicity shows up in your life. Yesterday, I had a conversation with two people about coaching and basically, both people asked me why I was not focused on coaching global nomads, or third culture kids. I hemmed and hawed. I really had never thought about it. I also felt some resistance within myself. I have no clue what that was about.

I examined my belief system around coaching such folks and made some notes to myself. It stayed with me. I kept mulling it over and over again. It would not leave me. But ok. That happens, right? Not surprising. My coaching is in a growth spurt and everything is shiny and new and infused with great energy.

Then this morning, my sister posted a wonderful article on Facebook about “Ajala.”

I remembered that as a child, I would hear stories of “Ajala the traveller.” But I actually thought it was related to a folktale about a wandering animal that travelled from place to place. People would say things like, “You are travelling again? You are just like Ajala!” I promise you, I have never given a second thought to “Ajala.” Then, an hour or so later, I joined a Facebook group about “storytelling” because I am working on some goodies involving that amazing concept and the first thing I see is someone talking about “The Ajala Project.” Woah!!!!!  Well, as if that is not enough, the woman who mentioned this project has a business partner. He gets in touch with me and his mother’s name is “Iyabo.” Huh!

Now, you may think “What a coincidence!” And yes, that is one way of describing it. However, I think of it as “synchronicity” which Google defines as: “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”

Yeah, it could be God/Source/nomadic deities/Whoever/whatever telling me to go do this or go do that. However, at its basest level, it is exciting and thrilling. It is certainly a pat on the back, an indication that something feels really, really good here, and it creates momentum to move forward and investigate and figure out if something really good is there. I call such incidents “winks from God.” They feel affirming and they open up possibilities in my thinking.

I will be talking to these folks later, so the last chapter has not been written about this incident. Who knows how it will go! However, if I treated it like a mere coincidence, I would not have followed through and set up a time to explore connecting with people that are already speaking about shared values that we have: creating intentional community, celebrating our differences and valuing the experiences of travel.

So my hope for you is that you will pay attention to the synchronicities as they show up in your life. Think of them as a trail of breadcrumbs that have value and are leading you to something worthwhile. Don’t dismiss such things as mere coincidences. I have had too many synchronicities turn into wonderful opportunities.

Here is the other thing I want you to realize: When you do not have to work too hard to make something happen, like when a synchronicity occurs and it feels like something has fallen on your lap, you get to show up in those encounters with a lot less baggage.

So you do not have to “win” this person over. Therefore, your energy is cleaner. You already feel that this encounter has some major potential that you are open to, and so you start out with a very high level of openness and eagerness. Guess what? That feeds your creativity!!

So the very best you shows up for such encounters.

So, today, this week, this month, look for the synchronicities and follow the trail to where it leads.

What synchronicities are you seeing in your life right now?

synchronicity versus coincidence




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