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Mind The Mat Pilates and Yoga Studio in Alexandria, Virginia has a strong anti-racist commitment and wants to share this class with their clients and their larger community. Anti-racism learning is best done in community with like minded people, shared values and a shared desire for a better world for everyone. This unique offering for the Mind The Mat Community will help you figure out “what is for you to do.” This is an invitation to engage in your own personal development and growth as you take on a more “anti-racist” identity. Join us as we learn together and live out our mutual commitments in seeking social justice in our communities. Join us!

Leadership Matters, LLC presents a virtual learning opportunity with
Iyabo Onipede


Iyabo Onipede is a seasoned race equity and intercultural facilitator and consultant with a global perspective. A self-described “recovering attorney,” she brings a blend of her personal experiences, education and spirituality to all of her workshops. She designs customized, high touch experiences to navigate people through the choppy waters around exploring their identities, healing old racial and cultural wounds and creating new possibilities for communities of belonging.

Expanding Dignity:
unpacking culture and race

Learn how to release old mental paradigms, become adaptive and confident when it comes to thinking, talking and acting about Race and Culture in this 7 module class.


Expanding Dignity:

Unpacking Culture and Race
USD$ 600
Total $600
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Hope is my work. Compassion is my method. Liberation for all and Justice in community are the outcome.

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This is “the work my soul must have.” ~ Alice Walker

Why this class?

Developing intercultural competency has long been one of the top four priorities of excellent leaders and influencers. Given the current social climate, it has become more urgent for every single person to factor race into not just their intercultural competency, but also their world view. This is how we make the world a safer place for everyone.

Racism is detrimental to white people, black people and all people.

How do we do the difficult work of empowering people to explore their racial and cultural identities, create change and influence their family members, workplaces, small businesses and communities? How do we create safety and do no harm? How do we transform our small businesses into thriving, productive expressions of our deepest held beliefs around racial and cultural equity?

We do that by learning in community! This offering is a 7-module class which will create a brave and exciting community of practice where participants will be empowered to stop harm and create more human dignity for self and others. As we dismantle racism within ourselves and in our work or businesses, we will deepen our understanding of our impact and align our values with a cause greater than each of us. The class will bring together a mix of critical race theory, identity formation and community building using the The CARA Model™, a proprietary integrative liberation framework that moves learners through an exploration of Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppression intentions to an activation of the capacity to become Liberation Practitioners.

Once the group is formed, we will explore self assessments that will help us become aware of our behaviors and ideologies. It will help us distinguish between where we are and where we want to be. It will help us identify our group identity in terms of culture and race. We will do a group debrief of our collective assessment and then have individual private debrief sessions.  Then we will begin the task of transformation of self  as we create healthy communities of belonging.  We will explore the impact of living in dominant cultures of oppression and end with the possibilities of building communities of transformation. We will develop new skills, explore tools, reflect together, learn together, challenge each other and most of all, breathe together even in a virtual learning space.

This is not a journey, but a pilgrimage. When you take a journey, you must leave home. A pilgrimage requires no physical movement but a spiritual, emotional and cognitive shift in consciousness. We do this work in a brave learning community together.

Come join us!

By taking this class, you will:

Dignity invites Belonging!

Watch this invitation about creating cultures of belonging in our organizations and communities

Play Video

Module two

The socialization of identity: Reflecting On how we create our identities

Too many people think racism is happening to other people and by other people. We are not racist, right? What are some of the ways that Black and Non-Black people perpetuate a cultural climate of racism? Where do you stand? What are the named and unnamed forces shaping us into a racialized culture of oppression for some and dominance for others? This module is all about exploration. You have to know where you are starting from in order to create momentum in the right direction.

module six

How Do We Create Spaces of Liberation in our Communities?

The process of centering inquiry allows us to explore the relationship between our values and theories that we make about the world around us. Are you aware of the frameworks you use to understand what is happening around you? This module will give us skills to move from our deepest held values into action and accountability. We cannot move into liberation unless we know how to create spaces where everyone feels safe and belongs.

module seven

committing to a new narrative that generates well beingness for all

As we close out this series, we will understand the power of a new narrative for ourselves and for our communities to create cultures of belonging. Establishing our personal agency, we will commit to the continuous expansion of our capacity to act in generative ways. What possibilities are we creating with a shared vision of a transformed community?

How Does It Work?

Become confident in taking action when it comes to race and culture in your personal life and in your business.

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Community Building

You will co-learn alongside others and become a community of practice when it comes to ensuring that your business is an antiracist business

Trauma Informed

Each module is enriched with trauma informed practices that you can use on your own.

Trusted Knowledge

Each module is structured on evidence based information and thoroughly researched and proven strategies.

Interactive Engagment

This is not a prerecorded class. The class will be recorded specifically for use by the participants of the class but they will not be shared with the public.

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