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Today, October 11, is International Day of the Girl.
To each girl, worldwide, who has dreams and hopes of being treated as equal to boys and men, who hopes to live in a world where the patriarchy is deconstructed and she has an opportunity to be all that she was designed to be, this day was designed just for you. We call your name, celebrate you and remind us, adults, that you matter and we have unique responsibilities to you.
To all the girls globally, who are being harmed, not being educated, involved in sex trafficking, married as a child, being circumcised against your will (FGM) and being exploited because you happen to be born into a female form, we hold you in a space of envisioning your wholeness and we grieve our inability to protect your innocence.
Thank you, girls, for reminding us that we as adults can do better for girls globally.
And here is what I want you to know: The future is yours. You are more than capable. You are smart. You are brilliant. You have purpose. You have value. Your hopes and dreams matter. Keep at it. You can do it. You inspire me. Thank you for coming to the world. We cannot make it without you.
Peace unto your vulnerable bodies. Peace unto your education. Peace unto your minds. Peace. Peace. Peace.

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