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If you are a spiritual person, you know that your connection with Spirit/God/Source is critical to your life. Knowing how to connect with that which is greater than you are is an intentional practice. Here is what my connection looks like. I received this prompt in a writing class and below is what I wrote:

I encounter God when I rise in the morning, well rested and I go to “the command center” i.e. desk, chair and computer, and begin my morning devotion. When I write my prayers, no time deadline, I bask in the presence of God. I read. I reflect. I meditate. I write. God listens. I feel the intent observation of all my activities. I pause. I listen. I hear the hum of the light bulbs, the mechanical whir of the ceiling fan. In the silence, emotions bubble up. What’s that? I turn my head and look outside the glass door. The squirrel outside takes off and the birds flutter away. I listen again. I hear my own emotions speak. They have wanted room to be heard but the busyness of life has snuffed them out. I almost dread it. There is usually something I do not want to hear. Something I do not want to feel. What am I going to do when I graduate? What will they think of my past when I apply for a job? Will I ever be this happy again? Fear locks in.

 I sit with the fear. And then I begin to talk to fear. “Hi, old friend. Its you again. Yeah, I remember. You sure do bark loud. Have you forgotten, it always works out? Why do you bother? O well. I guess that is your job description. But listen. All is well. All will be well. One way or the other, it works out for me. I have gifts. I have talents. But just as important, I have so many people looking out for me. I am safe. I am well. All is well.”

Fear snickers and dejectedly turns around and walks away.

What now?

Breathe. Connect. There you are. I hear you. Yes, I know. I love you too. Pause. Thank you. You do so much for me. My heart sings with gratitude. Yes, Lord. Thank you. I worship you. Adonai. Peace. Peace. Peace.

At the end of the day, I write: Dear God, today I beheld your face in the face of the kind lady at the store who toothlessly grinned at me as I walked past her. You are beautiful. Thank you again. I saw you in that memory I had of myself as a child. You made me laugh. I saw you when it was raining and the car slid but no one was there and I was able to get control of the car and I did get home safely. Thank you. I go to bed now knowing I am safe, knowing I belong to you and I am never alone. Your peace is a mark on my heart. Thank you. You who flung the stars in the sky? You choose to visit with me? You reside in me? Awesome. Grateful. Sublime.

I share this most intimate writing to express how cultivating spiritual practices is necessary to understand your self and to help you see things that you do not ordinarily see. How you connect with that which is greater than you are, is key to your success as a leader. I am not talking about religion. I am talking about those private, quiet moments that give you strength. Please share your connection practices below.

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