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Positivity is defined as: “Consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence; with no possibility of doubt; clear, definite, conclusive, certain and unequivocal. It is a good, affirmative, or constructive quality or attribute. It is also a photographic image showing lights and shades or colors true to the original, especially one printed from a negative. It is a number greater than zero.

It originates in the late Middle English: from Old French positif-ive or Latin positivus, from posit- ‘placed,’ from the verb ponere . The original sense referred to laws as being formally ‘laid down,’ which gave rise to the sense ‘explicitly laid down and admitting no question,’ hence ‘very sure, convinced.’

Well, the definition tells me that I want to be something greater than zero, right? I also love the idea of being “laid down” in it; being rooted and grounded in it. Yes. That feels good.

So how do we develop this positivity muscle? Do some people have it or will never have it?

It all has to do with mindset. Mindset is defined as “the established set of attitudes held by someone.”

Do you believe what you believe and that is it or do you believe you can change your beliefs and blossom into a better you?

Isn’t this what is going on in the world today? Everyone wants to hold on to what they believe so strongly that there is no wiggle room for growth. Yet no one gets it right 100% of the time.

Learning is a must. This is why part of my daily ritual involves learnings something new – Every Single Day. Right now, I am focused on mastering my online tools so that my images look pretty and attract the right attention. I am learning about color combinations and fonts. Some days I spend five minutes learning. Other days I get lost (ADHD anyone?) and spend a couple of hours down a rabbit hole.

Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist wrote a book called Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success. How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential. She says,

“There are two meanings to ability, not one: a fixed ability that needs to be proven, and a changeable ability that can be developed through learning.”

It’s all about growth and learning.

One mindset validates you while the other develops you.

“When you enter a mindset, you enter a new world. In one world – the world of fixed traits—success is about proving you’re smart or talented. Validating yourself. In the other – the world of changing qualities – it’s about stretching yourself to learn something new. Developing yourself.”

That thing in you that has to be right? Yup. That’s validating yourself.

Phew! Lay it down, Saints. Lay it down.

The glory of being right has a very, very, very short lifespan.

Why is this important? As you work towards engaging fully  in your life work, that specific thing you are placed on this planet to do, your need to be “right” all the time, it limits you. It does not allow you to be positive and see the possibilities.

Precious souls, my invitation to you is to be honest with yourself about your mindset and, if needed, pivot towards being a growth-oriented, learner who does not need to be right and instead, enjoys developing his or her magnificence.

Let me know how I may support you in that endeavor.

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I am committed to the success of all peoples. I actively work towards the equitable thriving of all human beings regardless of race, ethnicity, physical ability, sex, gender or national status. I offer a sliding scale for single parents, active-duty military, veterans, military spouses, the long-term unemployed, refugees and the formerly incarcerated.

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