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Not sure "what's Yours to do?"*

*The term “what is mine to do” in race work became a popular term in a TedX talk by Tracy Brown.

You’ve read a few books on race.  You’ve watched movies and documentaries. You talk to your friends about race. You suspect inequity in your organization for Black folks. Other marginalized people in your orbit also feel "othered."

And You Are Left With The questions
What now?
Who am I now in all this?
Who do I want to be?

*The term “what is mine to do” in race work became a popular term in a TedX talk by Tracy Brown.

I am here for you.

**One of my core values is inclusivity and so you do not get to be left out. If the above does not describe you, then check out this list of resources on this page.   

All my work is identity work.

I ask the questions: Who are you and who do you want to be? This is the same question whether you are an organization or an individual. 

Work with me

People and organizations who work with me create inclusive cultures where everyone can cultivate a sense of belonging. I don’t get to create it but I can poke enough holes in your structure, policies and vision that you will find the gaps and we can plug the leaks.

This drives high performance and high engagement cultures that drive change.  

If you want to do anti-racism and liberation work from a place of clean energy, thoughtful engagement and solid analysis, I am your person. 
People and organizations that recognize that this is the moment that their deep core values must be expressed in their wok and organizations are the folks that love to work with me. They are committed: They know that they need to do it but they are not sure how to do it.
They find working with me refreshing as they gain mastery by creating genuinely inclusive and equitable cultures of belonging.. 



Shame is not a teacher. Compassion is. My primary rule is 'to do no harm.' When shame is present, it is harmful. Compassion helps us feel safe to open up. It teaches us how to belong to each other in a healthy way. We are interconnected and when one of us is not healthy, all of us are not healthy. Let's get healthy and whole together!

Founder | Iyabo Onipede




Ideas Systems World Views

"This is the Work My Soul Must Have...." ~ Alice Walker

Client Love

I believe in transformational relationships and not just transactional relationships. I believe in the success of my clients and they have all worked hard to show up in the world in a way that changes the culture to be more

inclusive and equitable. I am proud to share that the logos below represent just a handful of the most amazing organizations I have had the privilege to work with. Thanks clients! I appreciate each of you. 

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